What does the final price cover?

The final agreed price will cover a full, professional typeset/layout of your manuscript (MS).
  • Initial consultation and page example of font choices 
  • Headers
  • Page numbering
  • Chapter number/title in bold and enlarged
  • Inclusion of standard copyright page if not already there and insertion of your own ISBN (Client to provide this information)
  • Standardising of paragraphs/indents to professional industry layout standard
  • A layout that looks every bit as professional as a major publisher would provide.
  • A PDF example of a typeset MS on request to help you decide.

What doesn't my price include?
  • This is not a proofing service therefore any errors within the MS are the responsibility of the publisher/author. Any corrections needed to the final MS of this nature will be charged for.
  • Changes to layout/font if you change your mind after the MS is finished. Changes can be made, but at an extra cost.

Why do Short Story Collections cost more than an average novel?

The £25 surcharge on the story collection price takes into account all of the extra work and time required to lay these out with section breaks and headers relating to each story.

What format do you need my manuscript to be in?

I accept Rtf, Doc and Docx files.

What format will my manuscript be in when you have finished the typesetting?

Doc, Docx or PDF - Please let me know which you prefer.

Do you typeset for Kindle?

Yes. This will be a standard word document, with hyperlinks to chapters where needed. Kindle works best done in a plain font such as Times New Roman, at point 12. Fee average is £50 as this does not take as long to do, but may vary if there a long contents list that needs to be hyperlinked. This fee is negotiable and discounts will apply if I also typeset your manuscript for print versions.

What size books do you do?

I can layout in any size, however the two main standard sizes for novels are 5.25 x 8" (B Format) and 6 x 9" (which sometimes works better for longer books).

Do I have a page count limit?

Page count is not relevant except for your own costings. If you are working with POD formatting, it is best to keep your book to under 300 pages in order to make it viable financially, and so that you can sell it for a reasonable price. The initial consultation will establish what is best for your needs and this will be taken into consideration when typesetting for font size etc.

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